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If you’ve already bought one of our special Try Me Free packs, all you need to do is pop in your details and upload your receipt – then we’ll send you the money by PayPal or bank transfer.

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Upload your receipt

To get your money back we’ll need to see proof of purchase. Just upload a scan or picture of your receipt (or as many as you need to show all the details).

Make sure it includes:

  1. Store name
  2. Name and cost of the Rana pasta you bought
  3. Date of purchase
  4. Proof of payment
  5. Till receipt number

When you leave this page, you will be taken to a secure platform – powered by Shopmium – where you will be asked to upload a picture of your receipt and confirm your preferred method of payment (PayPal or bank transfer). When you have completed these steps, you will be brought back to this website.

  • Tips for uploading

    Here’s an example of a till receipt, with all the essential bits of information we’ll need to see.

    • You might need to take more than one picture if your receipt is long or double-sided
    • You can upload up to 4 images
    • Don’t fold, write on or mark your receipt
    • It needs to show all 5 points circled on the receipt

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